Slide Decks

A collection of the slide decks I created for various talks.

5 Tools For Easy K8s Cluster Operation

Given with Lance Smith at the Kubernetes Meetup in Boulder, Colorado.

Additional links:

Adding Operational Magic to Your Clusters Using Reckoner

An extended and updated version of the earlier talk on Autohelm now that Autohelm has become Reckoner.

Adding Operational Magic to Your Clusters Using Autohelm

Cluster operators require a non-trivial number of standard tools in order to keep clusters running and provide tooling to the applications running in the cluster. At ReactiveOps we have a standard set of tools that we use across all of our clusters. Managing these can be troublesome, but with a little help from Helm and a homegrown tool called Autohelm, we can ease the pain of maintaining these tools. This will include a demo and a shallow dive into each of the tools that we consider standard.

Grassroots Kube (Ignite)

A talk about how my team at ReadyTalk affected a culture shift from monoliths to Kubernetes. This was given as an Ignite talk: 5 minutes of auto-advancing slides.

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